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Why Montessori Education?

As a Montessori educator, you have the privilege of guiding children through their formative years using the renowned Montessori method.

Montessori teaching promotes a love for learning, independence, and critical thinking. Through a stimulating environment and specialized materials, you nurture overall growth and unleash each child’s potential.


As a Montessori educator, you can make a lasting impact on young learners, shaping their educational journey in a meaningful way.


This specialized training equips you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to excel in the Montessori classroom, like:

  • Learning how to observe and understand children's individual progress
  • Effectively manage a Montessori learning environment
  • Tailor engaging activities to meet diverse needs

Our Courses

Transform your career with our internationally recognized Montessori teacher training courses.


Montessori Diploma in Infant & Toddler Care (MDIT) 0 - 3 years

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective care and support for infants and toddlers aged 0 to 3 months.

Explore key principles and practices to nurture their development in any childcare setting.


Diploma in Montessori Method of Education (DMT) 2 - 6½ years

This comprehensive teacher training course equips you with the skills and knowledge to teach children aged 2 to 6½ using the renowned Montessori Method.

Gain the knowledge and skills to support the natural development and educational needs of young children.


Advanced Diploma in Montessori Method of Education (ADMT) 6 - 9 years

Discover the transformative years of child growth, imagination, and independence. Ideal for educators working with children aged 6-9.

Gain deep understanding and appreciation for this crucial age group.

Happy Stories

I love the community, the deep knowledge and compassion of the instructors and the organized, thoughtful progression of lessons and tasks we worked on. they are easily and effectively communicated not only the method but the message of montessoir as the heart of what we do. If you really want to feel like you truly are makinga difference, this is it. This course is a masterpiece.

Mrs Evelyn, MMI Alumni


My experience at MMI was wonderful. I learnt a lot of new things about children and I have been able to apply the knowledge at home with my kids. It’s a programme I would encourage not just teachers but parents also to partake in.

Mrs Deborah Peters, MMI Alumni


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