The Modern Montessori International (London), Nigeria Alumni Association is a network of current and graduated students of MMI (London), Nigerian Centres, friends and persons with a profound interest in the Montessori Method of Education. 

This Association will play an important role in helping to shape the future of our college, by representing the views of its members and contributing to building an engaged and supportive alumni community, appropriate to our world-class college.

Our Alumni influence and activities are crucial in the development of both the country’s alumni community and the experience of MMI(London) Nigeria students today. 

Volunteer members are elected to serve on the Alumni Association Committee. Join in and be part of this rare opportunity to chart the course of Montessori Education to enviable heights in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large


Why we exist 

  • To promote a beneficial academic, professional and social relationship between MMI(London), Nigeria Alumni Association and our Alumni, friends and other interested persons.
  • To provide the members of MMI(London), Nigeria Alumni Association with opportunities for enjoyable social occasions, professional networking opportunities and intellectual stimulation.
  • To create and promote opportunities for volunteer activities that will benefit the School, the individual and Montessori Education in Nigeria.
  • To promote, encourage and assist in effective communications between the college and its Alumni.
  • To raise the profile of the alumni in this country and to promote, advance and protect the academic reputation of the college.

Alumni Activities

The MMI(London), Nigeria Alumni Association “Annual Week” holds annually every November.

The maiden Convocation event for MMI Nigeria will hold on Saturday 15th May 2020. It will be the first of its kind and the biggest event in the Association’s calendar for the year as the Alumni association will be launched. 

Highlights of the event will include-

  • Association dinner
  • lunch with MMI Country Director
  • The Alumni Association Annual lecture features talks by prominent alumni on topical issues connected with the Montessori Method of Education in Nigeria.
  • Maiden Convocation for all graduated students.


  1. Networking opportunities.
  2. Career building tools.
  3. Brainstorm with other Montessori directors and directresses.
  4. Learn new developments in Montessori Education around the world.
  5. Helps you reconnect and find new friends in your region.
  6. Careers support through innovative schemes.
  7. Discount on school purchases, customized training and consultancy
  8. Special preference and discount for members who wish to set up their Montessori schools.