We supply high Quality Montessori Materials for Toddler, Primary and Elementary Environments.


Toddler Pink Tower(Set Of 5)
Toddler Knobbed Cylinders
Mini Brown Stair(Set Of 5)
Multiple Lid Sort
Imbucare Box With Rectangular Prism
Imbucare Box With Small Cylinder
Imbucare Box With Cube
Imbucare Box With Large Cylinder
Discs On Horizontal Dial
Discs On Vertical
Small Circle Puzzle
5 Colours Abacus
Cylinder Ladder
Geometry Ladder
Colourful Various Shapes Bricks In Small Size
Colourful Triangle Bricks
3 Disc On A Vertical Dowel
Imbucare Board With Disc
Imbucare Board With Knitted Ball
Imbucare Box With Lid- 4 Shapes
Imbucare Box With Lid- 1 Slot
Color Balls


Stand For Pink Tower
Brown Stair
Knobbed Cylinder Block ( Set Of 4)
Red Rods
Colour Box 3
Sound Boxes
Thermic Tablets
Thermic Bottles
Baric Tablets
Tasting Bottles
Constructive Blue Triangles
Mystery Bag
Rough And Smooth Boards
Touch Tablets
Geometric Demonstration Tray
Geometric Cabinet
Cards For Geometric Cabinet
Cabinet For Geometric Cards
Smelling Bottles
Binomial Cubes
Bolts And Nuts Set
Control Chart For Geometric Cabinet Nomenclature Cards For Geometric Cabinet


Sandpaper Letter Upper Case With Box
Sandpaper Letter Double Letters With Box
Metal Tracing Tray
Shelving Unit For Metal Inset
Small Movable Alphabet
Large Movable Alphabet



Pegs With Sewing Board
Cloth Folding Exercise


Globe Of The World Part
Puzzle Map Of The World
Labeled Control Map Of The World
Unlabelled Control Map Of The World
Puzzle Map Of Africa
Puzzle Map Of Nigeria
Animal Activity Set
Botany Leaf Cabinet
Botany Activity Set
Nomenclature Cards For Botany Leaf Cabinet


Red & Blue Number Rods With Number Cards Number Cards For No Rods Sandpaper Number With Box
Tens And Teen Board
Hundred Board W/Wooden Control Chart
Multiplication Board
Division Board
Addition Snake Game
Subtraction Snake Game
Teen Bead Box
Tens Bead Box
45 Wooden Hundred Square
100 Unit Beads
Red And Blue Number Rod Stand
5 Sets Of Colored Bead Stair
100&1000 Bead Chain
Rack For 100&1000 Bead Chain
45 Bead Bars Of Ten

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