The MMI (London) Country Franchise is held by Chelis Education Consult Ltd.

Chelis Education Consult Ltd has devised a unique and innovative approach to all your staff recruitment needs, helping you find the most qualified Montessori Head of School, Directresses and Directors, Class Assistants and other non teaching staff, when you need them.

We offer staff recruitment services to our clients who run academic institutions or training schools in the following areas:

Specialized skilled and non-skilled staff.

Teaching and non-teaching staff.

Support staff for lower cadre jobs.

Our placement covers:
Pre-primary/Nursery schools/Creches
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools.

Post-secondary institutions
Training schools.

We provide timely placements and ensure our clients get the best qualified employees who have emerged successful from our rigorous and various selective processes such as Qualification and Experience screening process, Psychometric Assessment, Psychomotor Test, Skills Assessment, English Test, Subject Written Tests and Oral Interviews, Field & Operations Test, among several others. With our impressive database of qualified and experienced candidates covering a wide scope of disciplines.

To find out more or to book an appointment, kindly send an email to or call 08129181221; 08106055837.